At Genting Garden we abide by a strict quality control practice which is to supply our customers with the freshest possible salad and herb by way of a process that only the best will be harvested and that any damaged or inferior leaves are trimmed off prior to optimum packing and cooling. Delivery to the customer must be by an unbroken cool-chain.

At Genting Garden, we live by our motto. As such we have achieved a reputation for producing high quality salads and herbs to our long standing customers.

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Our Farm is GAP certified, Good Agricultural Practices, (Certificate No. SALM .04.088); and our processing side has HACCP certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, (LRQA KLR 0500060) which ensures a total intergration approach to quality assurance.

In every process, either small or large, we are committed to the best practice from our use of imported compost and seeds to the automatically controlled environment glasshouses. We want to ensure that our crops are clean, uniform in size, with a consistent colour and texture.

At Genting Garden, all our salads are harvested, individually sleeved or clammed, and boxed at the growing beds in the glasshouses to minimize handling. The salad is then immediately Vacuum Cooled and placed in cold storage rooms at +1C to check any further plant metabolism.

Both our salads and herbs are harvested by hand on the day of delivery to ensure freshness and crispness. All packed herbs are heat sealed immediately to retain their flavour.
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We use only anti-condensate plastic packaging to limit wet leaves and crop spoilage thereby prolonging shelf life. It also allows customers to view the contents clearly without hindrance from a condensate mist attached to the inside of the bag.

At Genting Garden, we listen to our customers and are committed to trying to meet your requirements. Our partners, who are our distributors, will work with you to ensure that you are supplied accordingly.


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By constantly listening to you and evaluating our practices we seek to continually improve our service to you. We want you to receive fresh salads and herbs no later than 36 hours from harvest and that you can use 100% of the product.

All suggestions for new salad and herb product lines are enthusiastically pursued by us in order that we can help you create new dishes for your customers.

All our salad is sold on a net weight basis unlike many imported salads which are sold on a carton basis, with an average number of heads, of very variable weight and which are usually on the light side of the stated average weight! Also we sell our herbs by net weight not by the bunch which is of an undetermined weight! In addition you will not have to do any further trimming and/or washing soil off.
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