Our Farm is located two kilometers beyond the Awana Golf and Country Resort and is accessible by car in approximately 35 min from Kuala Lumpur City and 4-5 hours from Singapore. It is 4,000 ft above sea level and enjoys an average daytime temperature of 24C  dropping to 16C at night throughout the year. La Nina and El Nino aside, we usually have a rainy season around October to December and a second one April - June.
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Our crops are grown by a soilless hydroponic system ensuring a consistent output of high quality and clean salads. The salads tend to be sweeter (younger) than those grown by the more traditional methods as optimum conditions ensure the plants grow evenly and faster. Throughout the year a continuous output of fresh produce is achieved for regular twice weekly deliveries to our customers.
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The herbs are grown in individual pots containing custom-made compost and are fertigated by a drip-irrigation system.

Both salads and herbs are grown in environmentally controlled greenhouses to protect them from strong winds and torrential rains. As far as possible, the operations are mechanized which includes a fully automatic seeding line and vacuum cooling system.

The first output of crops was in early 1994 with Mr. Julian Roe as the resident horticulturist/farm manager. The 10-acre farm grows 15 varieties of salads and 29 types of culinary herbs for both the local and export market.
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