Since 2002, we have been making our own dressings which are then packed in a sachet form. We select quality vinegars and oils to form the base of the dressing type. To this base we will add only fresh ingredients. No artificial ingredients are added as preservatives.

Our various dressing types are sold within a ready-to-eat salad kit format. A dressing is chosen to compliment a certain mix or individual salad leaf type. The aim is to not drown the salad leaves with an over powering dressing where the natural taste of the leaves are lost or to create an oily coat on the more delicate leaves. Winning combinations are;


Caesar Salad Dressing - a creamy full bodied dressing added to a crunchy, strong flavored, crinkle textured romaine lettuce. Offered as a Caesar Salad Kit with toasted croutons in both ziplock and salad bowl packaging.







                            Assortment of Fresh Salad Dressings

Balsamic Vinaigrette - a sweet sourish dressing contrasts well with the nutty flavors of wild rocket and the more bitter leaves of the Radicchio and Frisse leaves. Offered as a Romano Salad Kit in a ziplock and in an Italian Rocket Salad Bowl packaging.


Italian Dressing - a fresh garlic/onion/herb flavored oil vinegar base dressing which adds a delicious but delicate flavor to mix of Lollo Rossa, Lollo Bionda, Frisse and Butter leaves. Offered in our Nicoise Salad ziplock packaging.


Thousand Island Dressing - most people's favorite creamy dressing sits well on butter lettuce mixed with juicy cherry tomatoes. Offered in Baby Honey Salad bowl packaging.


Japanese Sesame Dressing - a wonderful nutty and soy flavored oriental dressing. Great combination with the mustard flavors of mizuna and watercress leaves. Offered in our Oriental Salad Kit in bowl form. © Copyright 1999-2007. Monoluxury Sdn. Bhd.