Premium Mixed Salad & Herbs - a prepared ready-to-eat mixed salad. Contains a mix of our various  lettuce and salad herbs. The mix may vary at times due to seasonal availability.

We supply the above mix either in a 125grm or 250grm heat-sealeble bag giving a net carton box weight of  2kg (i.e. One box contains 8 or 16 bags) for the hotels and restaurants.

For the retail sector, we have the Genting Garden 7 Leaf or 12 Leaf salad mix packed in a 125g  pre- printed heat sealed bag.


Ready-to-Eat Salad Packs  - Custom Made

Various salad packs and salad bowls which can include our own home made fresh dressings for both the retail and non-retail sector are available on request.  However certain packing lines are exclusive to a Customer's House Brand.

For a certain minimum volume we are willing to develop exclusive product ranges tailored to a particular customer's requirements.



Genting Garden is the exclusive grower and packer of the Salanova family of Baby Lettuce. These easy to prepare and novel leaf types are the new revolution in salad breeding.



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