Week starting 22nd July 2007.

As always, the weather here in Genting Highlands is unpredictable. Quite opposite the first two weeks of July, we have been frequented by rain showers day and night but mid-days sun was enough to mean good quality for the salads; strong red color for Lollo Rossa; large heads with tight crisp butter yellow inner heart for Butterhead; and lush green color for Lollo Bionda. The Romaine lettuce is also good with no tip burn. Overall mixed salad maintains its good appealing color, crispness and size of salad leaves.

 Good supply of Rocket and Wild Rocket lettuce (Arugula & Baby Arugula).

Lettuce: No shortages on our range of lettuces.
Herbs: Sage: We still have shortages (for indefinite period) due to unsuccessful propagation. We're sourcing out in meantime to maintain supply and good service to our valued customers.

Chervil and Tarragon: Limited supply for the next two to three weeks due to increasing demand.

Edible Flowers: Require a lot of sunshine to bloom so we have shortage on Violet, Calendula, Dianthus and Edible Flower. Anyhow, we are able to supply customers constantly but on minimal quantity.
Salads: No shortages.

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