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Mixed Salads

More variety by way of colours and texture have been added to our mixed salad by the addition of wild rocket, red veined sorrel, mizuna, escarole, crispy yellow frisse, and a very spicey celery leaf.  We are sure that these new leaves will further enhance the overall visual and taste appeal of our salads.

We have got three new herbs for you to consider ordering;

1. Summer Savory: this is a native plant of southern Europe and North Africa. Savory has been employed in food flavouring for over 2000 years. Romans added it to sauces and vinegars, which they used liberally as flavouring. The ancient Egyptians on the other hand used it in love potions! Another name for this herb in America is the Bean Herb. Often used with pulses, vegetables, and rich meats. The flavour is hot and peppery , and so should be added sparingly in salads. Summer savory can replace both salt and pepper and is a great help for those on a slat free diet. Can also be used to flavour vinegars and oils.

2. Borage: Native of the Mediterranean region. The young leaves are hairy and prickly to the senses , but once in the mouth the hairs dissolve and the flavour is of cool cucumber. Used in salads , cream cheeses, mixed with yoghurt, flavour cold drinks, and in egg mayonaise sandwiches. The leaves are rich in mineral salts. Also can be cooked with spinach or added to a ravioli stuffing. The beautiful sky blue flowers are exciting tossed in salads, floated on top of a cocktail drink, or crystallized for cake decoration.

3. Lemon Balm: Again a native of the Mediterranean region. This ancient herb was dedicated to the goddess Diana , and used medicinally some 2000 years ago. It has been acclaimed the world over for promoting long life when drunk as a tea. Add the fresh leaves to vinegars, teas,and beers. Chopped and put with fish, mushroom dishes, and with soft cheeses.

From GENTING GARDEN - November 8, 2006

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