Why is it some of your herbs are more expensive than those sourced from Australia?
We sell in various pack sizes - 10g/50g/and 100g. Both packing and weighing takes time but it does means that we can have a higher level of quality control. Each pack is inflated with air and then heat sealed to help prevent bruising during transit which will extend the shelf-life and avoid any spoiling of aromas by damaged leaf tissue.

The bags are then packed carefully inside lidded carton boxes. Each box will only contain around 1-1.5kg max of net weight herbs. Imported herbs are normally packed 3-5 x our density, usually unbagged (loose or bunched - variable weights), and if bagged they are not inflated with air, and are quite often in loose format of no specific net weight. Subsequently their packing costs are less but the % spoilage on receiving is high.

As we grow a very wide range of herbs it means that certain herb lines are not profitable due to low and irregular demand levels.

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